With mobile app our employees can do more work outside the office, in a shorter time without mistakes!

Before mobile apps, the realization of data collecting in terrain provided for our customers, was very difficult to do but thanks to the mobile apps this all is in the past.

Pros: your employees won't need carry heavy paper loads with them, rewrite the obtained data and send them via e-mail to the headquarters.

They'll only need a smart phone with mobile application. By few quick touches they'll insert data, make photo documentation and sent it to the system.

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Thanks mobile application we guarantee our costumers best quality of services!

Very important part of our job is to provide effective services for our clients. Before using apps the supervision of employees was very difficult and ineffective.

The results provided by our area managers were often contradictory and had different form. Consequently we were afraid that our customers won't be satisfied.

But today our managers can very quickly and easily document the job that was done through Ipad or tablet.

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Planning and organization of work via mobile application saves us time and reduce costs!

It is hard to imagine, that complicated planning business trips all around the country and recounting the most suitable ways would our employees do on their own.

With mobile application they do not have to deal with it at all. Every day they just check by system generated plan and make needed corrections, what takes less than 10 minutes.

Representants have all necessary information, so they can concentrate on communication with partners and managers and have always actual information about our employees actions.

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We are partners, who help you

We are not just technical solutions supplier. We are your partner, who advice you on base of longtime experience and help you make a right decision. With your help we will analyze possibilities of use mobile applications directly in your company and suggest you solutions according to your current situation.

You do not have to worry about paying again for something you have already bought. We can interface mobile solutions with your already existing server (in case you do not have your own, we can design and create a new one for you).

Long-term partnership

We assist in testing and launching new mobile solutions including training your employees. You can count with us also in further improving of mobile solutions and enlarging advantages, by which use you obtain the most moder technologies.

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