Filing data in terrain can be very challenging. Next to the text report, it's often necessary to collect also the visual and audio documentation. Plus all kinds of evidence like: time, global position, promptness or the app will even help you solve difficult math problems. With mobile apps you can send all these information to headquarters by few easy steps and most importantly they will be always current.

Mobile apps will visibly simplify the work of your employees. They won't spend hours every week by compiling your manual systems into areport. They will be able to focus on what can help to gain your businness more profit.

Case study

Merchandising agency provides for its clients, who are the suppliers of chain stores, a service which can guarantee that their goods will be always on the shelves of the stores on a visible place and automatically refilled according to the predetermined plan, which will be carefully prepared.

This is the reason why a company needs to collect and evaluate data from the sales store. Another reason is that the firm also needs to document the condition and the placement of the goods on the shelves.


Not so long ago the employees, who often worked outside the office, had to note down the obtained data into heavy paper loads and then they had to re-write them into computers. Finally they had to send these data via e-mail to the headquarters together with the photo documentation. This was a time-consuming process. Sometimes the report could not be sent within a day. For example: The customers needed the information urgently but the firm could not realize this demand. Plus data often didn't have same form, there were errors in them or they were not complete, because the employees forgot something. These reasons often complicated and lengthened the process of preparing the data into the version needed by the clients.


The company ordered a customized mobile app which enables a very simple registration of text information and photographs. The global position and the beginning and end of the working time is enrolled automatically. The app will control the data and in case that there are any errors it will warn your employee. Data are sent to the information system in identical form immediately after their confirmation. Reports for the customers are available within few minutes after the data collection. Employees in terrain can quickly respond to any changes in their schedule because they are warned by the app immediately, what is also a pro of our app.


The head of the company is satisfied with the implementation of the mobile application into the working system:

With proces of data field collection, we provide for our customers, was difficult to achieve the necessary timeliness and accuracy. Since we have a mobile application, our staff no longer need to carry around stacks of paper questionnaires and send collected data and pictures via email. All they need is just the pocket of a shirt or jacket and having smartphone with mobile applications in it. Employees insert data, take pictures by few touches and sent it right away to the system. It's fast and they make less mistakes because mobile application gives alerts about errors.


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