To achieve customers' satisfaction by providing services, it is always necessary to keep track of the service quality. We know that it is not easy, especially if we talk about complex services. The supervision of quality of the work, when considering complex services, can be often complicated because keeping track of the evidence of systematic evaluation is time-consuming.

Mobile apps will help you to supervise and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the work. For example: to estimate expected results and then compare them with real results. This will help your employees to find out what should they improve in their working routine and in which fields should they get better so your business will be more successful.

Case study

Merchandising agency needs to supervise the work of its employees throughout the whole country. Some of the employees don't have a stable place of work because their job is done in small retail chain areas.

Area managers have to control, on a regular basis, how the employees, under their supervision, perform their duties of filling the products according to the given plan. Consequently the area managers send the evaluation to the head office on the basis of which the accountants do the payroll accounting of their employees.


Pre apps, the supervision of the quality of work and also all necessary data were written in paper records. Area managers had to carry with them all important paper sheets and the whole photo documentation, about what employees should have done during that day, week or even a month and then they had to compare results with the reality. The conclusion of the supervision was consequently sent to the head office, but frequently with a time-delay. This along with the severity and ambiguity of the data processing used to cause misunderstanding and feeling of injustice at the side of the controlled employees. Sometimes the area managers made a mistake because of the data opacity and this lead to the clients' disaffection.


The firm ordered a development of a mobile application for their area managers. The app takes over all necessary records before controlling the data. The app gives a notice to the manager, during the control process, about things he should pay attention to and it also enables him to contact the employee in terrain via e-mail or phone call. The results of the control are sent in identical data format to the server system, thanks to what there are no delays and mistakes. Data are easily comparable with expected conditions, any limitations are immediately evaluated and the elimination process is specified at a short notice. This helps to provide high standard services.


Sales manager of the firm evaluates the use of the mobile application for the supervision of quality of the work positively:

Very important part of our job is to provide effective services for our clients, for example: the supervision of your employees will be very easy with our app. Before using apps the supervision of employees was very difficult and ineffective. The results provided by our area managers were often contradictory and of course they had different form. Consequently we were afraid that our customers won't be satisfied. But today it's all in the past, our managers can very quickly and easily document the job that was done through Ipad or tablet. They have access to every important document and they won't need to carry heavy notebooks or paper loads with them. We guarantee high quality services and this is also the reason why our customers pick us over the competition.


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