Good organization of work and time on the road is not a simple matter. In addition to the needs of business partners or customers it is necessary to take into account other criteria such as the appropriate order and distances between places of meetings, technical and time difficulty of travel, or if it's necessary to return to the office between the meetings etc... This complicates the planning and decision-making and we also need to consider the request on the lowest travel costs.

Mobile applications allow you to automate routine tasks, and also to evaluate complex criteria and complex calculations. Appointment scheduling, automated comments and linking with electronic navigation system relieves your staff from tedious and boring tasks to be able to use time to achieve the business objectives. The organization of work improves and costs will decline.

Case study

Distributor of pharmaceutical products has sales representatives who visit partners - doctors in whole region. These visits are planned and carried out regularly. The development of partners' attitude to the products of the company and willingness to recommend these products to patients is monitored. It is important for the proper planning of bussines trips with respect to the time and costs.


The company representatives originally planned bussines visits themselves according to their own discretion. They did not take into account the time and cost savings. Management of the company asumed that the planning and organization of work, it is possible to optimize in order to shorten the time and reduce travel costs, but it took each manager representative to find out what are the reserves, and it was ineffective. It was also no possibility to verify how consistently representatives comply with the regularity of visits. They inform about partners aatitude via an email message that was ineffective. Provided information has not been possible to evaluate systematically and make daily decisions about the business.


The company ordered a mobile application, which partially automated visit planning. Linking with navigation allows you to determine the most efficient route. It records the realization of visits according to plana and automatically records its geographical location and duration. Representative has information about the history of past orders. Record of partners attitude is given according to precise criteria. Data are sent to the server system that has been made for those needs. Systém daily checks if it's necessary to incorporate a new business plan and advise the representative. Management of the company can track the markers associated with the work of Representatives, and it enables to make more qualified decisions.


Management of the company considers the use of mobile applications while working as a key component of business success:

It's hard to imagine that would be difficult to rational plan business trips around the country and best route recalculation did our representatives before by themselves. With mobile applications they do not have to deal with it. Every day employees check schedule generated by the system and make the necessary corrections, that will not take more than 10 minutes. Navigation shows them the best route to the meeting with respect to time and fuel consumption. Representatives have all the necessary information and they can focus on communication with partners and managers always have up-date information about the activities of employees as well as the development of our partners attitude.


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